What came first, the Music or the Misery?

I'm Andrea. 20. Michigan. Studying Graphic Design at Ferris State University. I like movies, music, and things of the British sort.

Anonymous: I don't know. I want to buy one of those creepy old Russian gas masks with the pipe that hangs from the front but I'm pretty much broke :( Do you have any other friends going as other Addamseseses?

Oh god hahaha. That sucks though. And noo. I wish I had a Gomez :( haha

Anonymous: I'm helping out with a party at a community centre. Mostly a kid's thing but it was a lot of fun last year and we're trying to top it this year with more elaborate decorations and spooky goings on. You got a costume planned?

Aw that sounds nice. Im gonna be Morticia Addams :) what about you?

Anonymous: I know that feeling. Perfect timing for Halloween though, eh? You got anything planned for the day?

I’m just working tonight but next Friday I’m going to a halloween party :) what about you?

Anonymous: I'm up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down... Recovered from your thrilling work shift?

nope I’m dead inside :))